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Discover why our tribe members are getting more deals done with us each year - after struggling to do deals with other methods.

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From Mark Harvey

Property Entrepreneurs (Both With & Without Experience) Are finding more deals in a single weekend after attending Real Life Property Wealth than they did the entire previous year!

To give you some insight, here is a rundown of how our own property journey happened!


We’re gonna tackle these in the webinar


This is the first one that comes to mind for most people. This is what I refer to as all of the false information and below standard training that most people give out there.


There’s also Belief Systems, these are the one of the main things that are holding you back. All of the things that you were taught when you were younger like, property is really hard, or that you need loads of money to make it work.


The thing is it’s not a matter of IF something goes wrong but WHEN. Not everything can always happen perfectly, however I teach you how to keep your business going, even in the worst of times.

The thing is it’s not a matter of IF something goes wrong but WHEN. Not everything can always happen perfectly, however I teach you how to keep your business going, even in the worst of times.




How to find the right direction to go in

Discover the 6 ways to generate profits from real estate - and which one fits your lifestyle best.


How to work out and analyse your first deal

Your first deal can be very overwhelming! Knowing whether it’s going to be a goldmine or burn your initial investment is key, that’s why knowing how to work the numbers and analyse the deal is essential.


How to fund your deals

(even if you have none

of your own money)

Most people think they need their own money to get started - however we reveal the 8 ways you can fund your deals (none of them involves using your savings)

Right now, more than ever,
we need the right strategies …

The right connections … The right team … And the motivation to secure and scale our property businesses, income and financial future ... right?

But for many of us, these uncertain times
have FORCED a lack of movement, travel, networking and growth …

And for so many property investors and people looking to use property as a vehicle, the last year or so has been super difficult …

It’s caused all types of problems,
most of which we had NO control over!

  • ​Raised Millions in Investor Finance
  • ​Used multiple strategies to achieve our goals with varying levels of time and money available
  • ​Used property as our vehicle for financial prosperity
  • ​Analysed Investment areas to invest safely
  • ​Future proofed our money and investments
  • ​Navigated through the “dark days” when you’re struggling the most...and use your PAIN to propel your business forward
  • ​Broke the chains of false beliefs (what's holding you back is probably holding your deals and investors back as well)
  • ​Found Hundred of Deals That work
  • Implemented the investment formulas to build a successful property business
  • ​Bought plenty of property with little or no money and get an infinite return on investment

... plus, it's NOT hard!

Yep, it’s that simple.

Keep reading because before the end of this page I’m going to walk you through all 6 steps so you can see EVERYTHING you need to launch and deploy your very own wildly successful property business!

… even if you have zero experience in the industry, I promise that you can implement these 6 steps and become a property success!

While I know finding deals, speaking to agents, overseeing development and raising finance can be intimidating, EVERYONE HAS TO START FROM SOMEWHERE!

Do you think I was born with a natural talent for property investing? 

Well i wish that that was the case!

I actually started my journey 150k in debt and have managed to build a property portfolio of over £8m and done £16m worth of deals in less than 3 years with zero of my own money.

So there is no reason you can't do the same ...

Let's face it, you already know the value of property investing, that's why you're on this page looking to discover more ...


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this Virtual Event For?
This event is for anyone that is looking to take their property investing business to the next level, whether that is getting started or growing it to 7 figures!

Where and When is the event?

This virtual event is on demand so you can watch and digest the information at a time convenient for you. 

How long is the training?

This is not a fluffy training session just with a bunch of inspiration stories and no action plan. That’s why it is a comprehensive 2.5 hour session with real value

What do I need to bring?
You just need to BRING yourself, ready to learn with an open mind and good attitude … and let Mark and the Team take care of the rest.

Ready to potentially start making millions from real estate? Take action now

Get to know what strategy(s) are best for you based on your available TIME, MONEY, & EXPERIENCE
  • You will discover different strategies, how they work, how to get the most of them, what income is achievable for each one and which one will get you to your goals and targets in the best possible way.
  • ​The simple breakdown of running multiple strategies alongside each other to speed up and enhance your property business.
  • ​What are the ways to future proof and grow your property business no matter what is going on in the market or the economy, if it goes up, if it goes down, if it goes around and round.
    The Formula for finding and qualifying where to invest and why to invest there 
    • How to find areas with the demand for your product.
    • ​The script and templates to get people lined up to buy or rent out your properties.
    • How to invest in areas that are right on your door step or 100’s of miles away.
    • ​How to overcome the “it is too saturated” block that most investors have.
    • ​Overcoming the scarcity that no one can know about your area to invest.
    • ​How to work with other investors rather than against so everyone benefits.
    • ​Finding the areas that are well established and the up and coming spots that most don’t know about.
      Locating good deals and how to turn good deals into great deals
      • The system to find deals fast and build your pipeline.
      • ​Advanced deal sourcing that gets deals coming to you.
      • ​Going direct to vendor without thousands of letters and endless marketing.
      • ​Template search criteria to bring the deals in your areas right in front of your eyes.
        Proven Formulas that ensure you get a great return on investment
        • How not to drive 1000’s of miles viewing properties just to find out they do not work.
        • ​Proven Fast numbers formula that allows me to know what I will make from the deal before I even put my shoes on to leave the house.
        • ​Deal calculators that give a detailed breakdown to get your numbers right, before you get in to the deal.
        • How to do no money down deals.
        • ​How to pull all of your initial investment out of the deal so you can move on to the next and keep recycling yours and your investors' money.
        The proven template to follow that will get deals accepted in record time
        • How to make offers that get deals at the price you want to pay.
        • H​ow to never get rejected and build long lasting powerful relationships that will have your deal pipeline so full that you will not know what to do with them.
        • The live process showing you anything can happen and how to plan for it.
        • How to build the reputation so that every seller wants to call you first when selling their property (and how there is more than enough to go around).
        What to do to generate unlimited capital for your business allowing you to get as many deals as you want 
        • ​How to get people that want to work with you and invest in your deals.
        • ​How to be yourself and have fun helping people get better return on their money.
        • ​The exact steps to follow that have seen over £25M raised since we started using this system.
        • ​How to never get rejected when raising funds for your property business.
        • H​ow to get people investing in your deals even if it is your first one (yes you read it right, even if it is your first deal) with no past experience.
        • ​The fully ethical authentic process to get people wanting to know more about how to invest with you 

        Well, it’s for who we call the 1% of Gamechangers ...

        • It’s for those who feel like they want to use it to change the world…
        • It’s for those who know they NEED to change their financial situation and provide for their loved ones.
        • The ones who not only want the theoretical knowledge, but also want to IMPLEMENT and make change quickly...
        • ​​Those who want more free time to do what they enjoy by using property as a vehicle to achieve anything they want.

        If that sounds like you ... then welcome to the 1%, this event was created for YOU!

        YES! I’m Ready To IGNITE My Business!

        Do you want to learn the secrets of what top property investors are currently doing inside their businesses to adapt and change the worst of times to the best of times?

        If you could grab and implement just a handful of principles and use it to kickstart your property journey ... would it be worth it?

        Can you even imagine the mistakes I’ve already made, struggled with, learned the ‘hard way’, so that you can avoid them?

        Think about this for a second…

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